BOOST Your Happiness And The One Of People Around You.

Did you know that?

Happiness is like a muscle.
You have to train it to unleash its full potential.
You might be thinking like: “yeah Léa, it’s a nice methaphore, but…”
Your own experience has proven you that it’s not so easy. You can not always control life events.
And I get it.
But if pain is inevitable, suffering is not. And here is how it works…

In this training, you will learn how to deal with your amigdala and its emotions, How to dissociate yourself from an uncomfortable situation and how to grow out of it. Increasing the level of happiness in your life will not only help you to develop new perspectives but also make you feel better.

Once your “happiness muscle” is trained, there is no way to go back. Then what you will have to do is to train people around you, so they can follow you on your new journey.

Please inform your friends and familiy that you’re following this training…They might need sunglasses to look at you :)